We held a lunchtime ceremony in the gym on World Refugee Day (Wednesday 20 June) to celebrate and recognise the contributions and achievements of our refugee students and to appreciate the diversity and richness of their stories.

Afghani bread and homemade chutney prepared by our student Zakir was everyone's warm welcome into the gym, while listening to upbeat live music played by our school band. The band then proceeded to perform two songs to open the ceremony. The poetry club followed by sharing a poem they wrote on their journey as learners; the key message being that no matter how hard the path might seem, never give up as we are all supporting one another to learn, one step at a time.

Awards were then given to the winners of the Refugee Week Art Competition. Students portrayed a journey through an art form of their choice, and each of the four winners displayed their interpretation in different visual forms.

Students from SACE Stage 1 EAL then shared their personal stories with various inspirational messages about persevering to achieve their dreams. Key messages included: smile and the world will smile back at you; if it's not a happy ending, then it is not the end of the story; being a refugee is something to be proud of as it means you are a survivor; anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to.

The student involvement on the day is what made the event so successful, as their stories reminded us all about the courage, tenacity and dedication our students display every day by coming to school, adapting to their new surroundings and embracing Australia as their new home.

Our closing presentation for the day was an inspirational message given by guest speaker Kbora Ali, who reminded our students to take risks (no matter how crazy they might seem), follow their dreams, and be proud.

Thank you to our staff and students for their support and participation on the day. Without this team effort, this event would not have been the success it was.
  • AuthorSandra Barazin
  • Date20-Jul-18
  • CategoriesTerm2