Term 2
During term 2, we have been busy in STEM club developing our coding and problem-solving skills. Over the course of the term, students have had the opportunity to code Ollies, Drones, Rovers, and Specdrums. By participating in these activities, students have gained an understanding of how technology is programmed and the steps that are involved, as well as having a fantastic time learning and making new friends.

We also celebrated World Environment Day by flying Drones to simulate how technology is being adapted to save the environment and discover new species of animals and plants. We may not have discovered any new species, but we did have a lot of fun.

You can join in on the excitement next term on Thursdays in LH5 at lunch time! We hope to see you there!
  • AuthorShadae Allen and Cass Dillon
  • Date30-Jun-20
  • CategoriesTerm2