Harmony Day
Everyone Belongs
Harmony Day
From Guatemala to Indonesia, and many other countries in between, the unique and diverse cultural backgrounds of Thebarton Senior College students and staff were put on display during our Harmony Day celebration on Thursday 24 March. Our students donned their colourful cultural outfits and participated in a range of music, singing and dancing performances.

The day began at recess time with a DJ booth run by our Student Voice group, where students played and shared international music and played fun games which brought a carnival atmosphere to our celebration. The day was made extra special with the participation of our STEM club, Environment group and Pride Club who ran stalls that promoted diversity and created powerful messages of love, care and solidarity.

At lunchtime, our special ceremony started with a Welcome to Country performed by Kaurna man, Robert Taylor. This was followed by a range of cultural performances, where students sang and danced to the rhythms of their traditional songs. It was fantastic to see our students performing. The day was made extra special with our college band singing the "Happy" song and leading the college community in a singalong. Our celebration was concluded by a live music experience delivered by our special guest and solo violinist Adam Nanou, with students and staff singing and dancing together.

Across the week, our Library team invited students and staff to learn more about Harmony Week by taking part in a range of creative art and educational activities designed specifically designed to represent what diversity, belonging and inclusivity mean to them. Students and staff celebrated their differences and embraced what makes us all unique.

Throughout Harmony Week, our students led meaningful conversations with their teachers about belonging, diversity and inclusivity. The event was a great chance to celebrate our college's unique multiculturalism.

Our student, Shkiba, has written a beautiful poem about our college and Harmony Day:

Have you ever thought of a soothing place
A place you can have independence
Like a garden of different flowers
Full of youths with different cultures
The red color of building walls all similar
She has black skin and he white, no one cares
Celebrating harmony and peace together
Teachers and students, everyone's pleasure
Love can be found around like a present
Gifting to everyone with lessons to understand
Can you imagine going somewhere everyday?
Where you can have fun and a joyful day
Thebarton Senior College is where you can be who you are
Improving with excellence, innovation, respect and sustainability
  • AuthorHamdi Fdhila
  • Date25-Mar-22
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