64 Hour Shutdown
Charity begins at College
64 Hour Shutdown
At the end of term 2, a group of students stayed overnight at the college to help raise money for the 64 Hour Shutdown, a fundraising effort for the Child's Play charity. Child's Play collects money to distribute to hospitals around the world in order to supply entertainment equipment to children who require long hospital stays.

The 64 Hour Shutdown is a student-inspired fundraiser similar to the 40 Hour Famine, except in this case the participants refrain from playing video games for 64 hours. Thebarton Senior College has run the event every year since 2010.

Students from the Pop Culture Studies class planned and organised the event, which featured board games, movies, and a pop culture quiz.

A great time was had by all, even the teachers that braved staying up most of the night - Matt Paxton, Emma Hebenstreit, Kayla Ide-Antz and Phil Davies.

The event raised over $200 for Child's Play, as well as collecting 31 items for Foodbank.
  • AuthorMatt Paxton
  • Date26-Jul-19
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