SACE Stage 1 Physics
The University of Adelaide STEM Academy
SACE Stage 1 Physics
The Stage 1 Physics class is just about to finish their first topic about Motion and Forces. To reinforce some of the concepts they have learnt (in preparation for their test), students participated in a University of Adelaide STEM Academy workshop about Newton's Laws and Rockets.

Sophie the presenter first gave a brief presentation reminding us of Newton's 3 Laws and then gave an excellent explanation of how they relate to rocket propulsion. It was then up to the students to test these laws by creating their own 'match stick' rockets.

To do this, match stick heads were wrapped in aluminium foil and heated. The resulting combustion inside the foil then had to produce enough CO2 gas to create the initial force to propel the rocket forward. Whether or not it worked, and how far it went, depended on the skill of the maker (and if they could get enough pressure to build up). The students had a great time modifying and testing their designs.

Overall, the students were up for the challenge enjoyed putting their thinking to the test to determine accurate force to acceleration and mass ratios.
  • AuthorStefania Pulford and Rui Lau
  • Date08-Sep-21
  • CategoriesTerm3