NAP Science
In term 3, students from NAP (New Arrivals Program) 327 and 328 Science began investigating how the topic 'Human Body Systems' connects to human health. Every week we have had the opportunity to implement new scientific investigations on topics from cells to organ systems and we've improved our scientific communication, critical thinking and team work skills through regular analysis, discussion and evaluation.

One of our fascinating hands-on practicals included dissecting a sheep's heart, in which we were able to directly look, feel and learn about the various structures of the heart. We were then able to relate the structure of the four chambers, septum, valves, arteries and veins and understand how it related to the functions of the heart. Observing how blood circulates through the chambers via the large vessels and the operation of the valves was such an intriguing experience!

The other exciting part is that NAP Science is very engaging, absolutely applicable to our daily lives and fun at the same time! For example, we learned how to measure blood pressure (BP) in terms of 'Systole' and 'Diastole' and interpreted what these values demonstrated about our health. We applied this by organising a free workshop for staff and students during Science Week on the measurement and interpretation of blood pressure and heart rate.

The purpose of this project was to educate the Thebarton Senior College community about various strategies to maintain good health and to encourage them to go to regular health check-ups and for us to improve our communication in an authentic setting. Other students and staff were curious to know their blood pressure and heart rate and what that meant about their heart health.

We were really proud when the visitors, including teachers, thanked us for explaining what these values meant to them and how they could further improve their health through strategies such as regular exercise, nutritious diet and stress management.

We are looking forward to continue to learn more, complete our own investigations, and improve our critical thinking and research skills in the coming weeks!
  • AuthorNAP 327 and 328 Science students
  • Date06-Sep-19
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