Practical Application of Mathematics
New Arrivals Program (NAP)
Practical Application of Mathematics
2020 unfolded with the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of this, social distancing restrictions were applied by SA Health to protect us. At Thebarton Senior College, we have several restrictions regarding interactions with others in our classrooms, cafeteria, gym, library, at the bus stop etc. Additionally, the pandemic has made everyone aware of the importance of hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes and avoiding facial contact. Along with these essential measures, practices such as physical distancing, self-quarantine and isolation can slow the rate of viral infection in our communities. Every person can make a difference to personal and public health by playing their part responsibly.

I would like to share what we did in our class to help remain safe from the coronavirus spread. We learned that the more space between people, the harder it is for the virus to spread. In term 2, in our NAP Maths lessons, we learned about measurement, and applied it by arranging all furniture in our classroom to be 1.5 metres apart. Also, in groups, we measured spaces such as the cafeteria, gym, learning hub and staff room. We then calculated the room area and the number of people allowed as per the four square metre rule.

Our teacher showed us the differences between measurements taken by each team for the same space and discussed how to reduce errors and to find average values. We also learned how to convert lengths from centimetre to metre and vice versa.

Our maths learning was very interesting and we really enjoyed completing this project due to the application of our learning in real life. We now understand the reason for the one person per four square metre rule, and how to apply it. In doing so, we will educate our community, keep our friends and family safe.
  • AuthorRazia (New Arrivals Program student)
  • Date30-Jun-20
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