Passionate about puzzles and problem-solving!
Rubik's Cube Championship 2019
Passionate about puzzles and problem-solving!
Pythagorean Club is a club for anyone who loves problem solving and having fun while they do it. Students enjoy solving all kinds of puzzles, including the Rubik's cube, tangrams, logic, language and mathematical puzzles. Students and staff also have the opportunity to be involved in many college events and develop their mentoring and leadership, communication and event management skills. Through these initiatives, students and staff work together to develop the club's core values of persistence, perspective and problem solving to become successful not only at weekly challenges and puzzles, but also in real life!

This year, students and staff had opportunities to be involved in major college events, such as Open Day, Science Week, Rubik's Cube Championship and STEMfest to name some; by promoting, representing and demonstrating problem-solving through persistence. A most exciting event run by the Pythagorean's this term was the annual TSC Rubik's Cube Championship held during STEMfest in Week 6. Our 2019 champion was Agok with a time of 1:10, Samira was first runner up with a time of 1:13.65 and Insia was second runner up with a time of 1:23.43. It was wonderful to see these past and current club mentors display their mastery and do so well.

Mentoring is another valuable experience many students benefit from the Pythagorean Club. Throughout the year, several students have stood out for their contributions as mentors, including Samira, Amanueal, Insia, Francine and Aung Ting. All students and staff who contributed to the club were acknowledged during the club's annual awards presentation day on 27 November. Rodney Mangos, Deputy Principal, presented the certificates to all members for their contributions.

Persistence is one of the club's values, because persevering with the various challenges they encounter can help educate students about the importance of persisting with problems in daily life. Furthermore, students also develop their communication and collaborative skills as they problem-solve together, illustrating another of the club's values - perspective. Working in teams on puzzles helps students appreciate the value of each other's perspective in a problem-solving challenge.

To sum up, the Pythagoreans love to work on puzzles, but they also get to develop their communication skills, teamwork and confidence all in less than one hour a week! So, we strongly encourage any other students who would like to have fun doing all of these things to join us!

The Pythagorean = Persistence + Perspective + Problem-solving = Success!
  • AuthorLisa Ebisawa and Minxy Kannampuzha
  • Date03-Dec-19
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