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Collaborative Classroom
This term in NAP (New Arrivals Program) Science, students from class 325 have been working with Josephine Gaskell (City of West Torrens, Hamra Library) and Chantal Martino (Origin Energy) as part of a collaborative classroom experience. The collaborative classroom experience was based on the theme of 'energy poverty' and involved students learning about renewable energy, energy poverty and about being global citizens.

As part of their learning, students had two important outcomes. The first was building solar lights which were sent, along with letters students had written, to young people living in energy poverty in Papua New Guinea. They also wrote, designed and illustrated a book about solar energy to read to young children at the Hamra Library. There were three books created in total, each with a unique message about solar energy.

In preparation for this final presentation, students visited the library and met with Josephine and Chantal several times during the term to discuss their progress and get advice. Students loved working with Josephine and Chantal and it was these wonderful industry connections that allowed students to have such meaningful outcomes.

This topic 'Energy Poverty' is significant to students as it teaches them the importance of being global citizens. It gives them a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of people living in energy poverty in another country and gives them the opportunity to educate the younger generation of Australians about sustainability, which is a key value of the college. It also empowers them to feel like agents of change who can make a difference to bring peace to this world which, as a global peace school, is something we strive for at Thebarton Senior College.

In the last week of the term, students presented their stories to young children at Hamra Library. It was an amazing, interactive and heart-warming session. The feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive and the smiles on the young children's faces was priceless. Several of them wanted to come back for more stories!

This project has been a wonderful opportunity for the students of NAP class 325 and we offer out heartfelt thanks to our industry partners for their collaboration on this project - Chantal from Origin Energy and Josephine from the City of West Torrens.
  • AuthorMatt Stevens
  • Date27-Sep-19
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