Visiting teachers from Thailand
Sharing practice on a global scale
Visiting teachers from Thailand
During the holiday break from 4-6 October, our college hosted a group of teachers from Thailand who had a particular interest in learning educational practices that integrate English language learning with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects. Thebarton Senior College teachers Phil Davies, Paul Richardson, Ben Usher and Simon Lambert facilitated workshops for the visiting teachers to show how language, vocabulary and grammar can be developed through STEM topics and subjects. The teachers from Thailand completed electrical circuits with Paul and programming activities with Phil while analysing how English skills are taught through such activities. Ben and Simon concluded their experience with a special trip to Glenelg to learn some South Australian history. As a school that values global connections, the program was an enriching one for all involved.
  • AuthorPhil Davies
  • Date06-Oct-17
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