World Environment Day
Beat Plastic Pollution
World Environment Day
We hosted our annual UN World Environment Day Expo on the 7th of June. The aim of this event is to demonstrate our commitment to being a UN Global Peace School and our college value of Sustainability.

The event was held in the gym and around the school grounds, showcasing student work in the area of environmental awareness and sustainability. A Sustainability Innovation contest was also held, which promoted group work and mixed media to produce a great number of beautiful and thoughtful entries, linked to this year's UN theme of "Beat Plastic Pollution". A number of community groups worked with students in interactive workshops in a range of areas to promote environmental awareness.

Activities on the day were:

- Sustainable Gardens helped students to build wicking beds for growing herbs in small spaces
- Electric vehicle enthusiasts showed students what an electric car is and their importance in the future of transportation
- YCA Recycling Pty Ltd worked with small groups of students to teach them about the many ways to recycle plastic
- Engineers Without Borders took small groups of students and helped them investigate how to build a floating house
- The City of West Torrens worked with students in a recycling workshop
- New Arrivals Program students educated other students about how best to reduce and recycle, while others educated students about biodegradable plastics and bamboo tooth brushes
- SACE Stage 2 Society and Culture showcased wonderful essays based on the docu-series War on Waste
- Foundation Skills students practiced their pronunciation and speaking skills by becoming the tour guides of our Sustainability Tour, allowing people to view the ways in which we are working towards our value of sustainability
- Cleland Wildlife Park brought fuzzy and scaly Australian animals for students to see and touch
- SACE Stage 1 Chemistry students displayed their work showing how to make simple water filters from material easy to source

Students, community groups and teachers enjoyed the event thoroughly, and are looking forward to participating again in 2019.
  • AuthorKate De Ruyter
  • Date07-Jun-18
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