Refugee Week
Refugee Week
On Thursday 23 June, we joined the rest of the world in celebrating Refugee Week. The theme for this year is 'Healing'. Students and staff came together to facilitate this healing by raising awareness of the issues affecting refugees and celebrating the courage, resilience, and victory of our refugee students.

Our celebration started with an educational presentation by our new arrival student Hadi, who presented information about refugees in Australia and the world. This was followed by our talented student Shkiba, who voiced her experience as a refugee by writing and reading an evocative poem about what it feels like to be a refugee.

We also had the chance to listen to our new arrival student Parsa, who told us about his journey to Turkey as a refugee before coming to Australia, carrying only a violin on his back. Parsa played sensational music with his violin that reminded him of the time he had to leave his home country looking for a safe place to play his violin.

Our students and staff were also treated to a live performance which brought our school band and NAP and SACE students together. The audience could not resist joining in singing the very moving song of 'Chosen Family'.

One of the memorable moments in our celebration was the spectacular live performance of our guest and trumpet player Lazaro Numa. Lazaro and his band took us on an exciting musical journey of different Latin American rhythms to celebrate our students' courage. Both students and staff had a memorable time listening, singing, and dancing to the vibrant music.

Our Library also held a week of activities in honour of Refugee Week, and students had the opportunity to take part in fun craft activities. Students painted and decorated flowers to represent a refugee's journey to safety. This culminated in a conceptual art exhibition on display in front of the Library.
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  • Date30-Jun-22
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