Live Action Roleplay (LARP)
Pop Culture Studies
Live Action Roleplay (LARP)
Several students from the Pop Culture Studies class decided to use Live Action Roleplay (LARP) as one of their Connections assessment tasks. LARP is like a mix of improv theatre, bush walking and combat sport. It's like playing Dungeons and Dragons, but instead of sitting around a table and rolling dice, players take a much more active and immersive role in the game.

The students had spent weeks getting ready working on their costumes, equipment, character backgrounds, and practicing for the big day. Their work really paid off, as they all looked amazing!

On Sunday, June 3rd, the students attended The Southern Wilds LARP event held at Athelstone Scout Hall and the adjacent Black Hill Conservation Park. After some initial training, they quickly became immersed in vanquishing a horde of zombies by wandering through the park and looking for magical crystals! In the end, our students prevailed and won the day. Most importantly - and despite feeling a little stiff and sore from an afternoon of physical activity - they all enjoyed their first LARP experience and are looking forward to doing it again soon!
  • AuthorMatt Paxton
  • Date04-Jun-18
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