Information Technology Excursion
Uni SA Mawson Lakes and IT Company Opsys
Information Technology Excursion
In term 1, Stage 1 Digital Technology, Stage 1 Computing Essentials and Certificate IV in Information Technology students visited Uni SA Mawson Lakes campus to learn about the various courses available and to see the facilities in the area of technology. Students were given a tour of the Engineering and Information Technology area of the campus and looked at projects built by Uni SA students.

Our students were very excited to experience electric cars designed by Uni SA Mechanical Engineering students. They also enjoyed riding on a very long bike - a project funded by SANTOS - designed and built by Uni SA Engineering students.

In the second half of the excursion, students visited a company called Opsys, located close by in Thebarton. Students met Matt Fabri, the co-owner of the company. Opsys is one of the fastest growing South Australian IT Companies, providing cyber security, cloud computing and many other services in the area of Information Technology. Opsys is also responsible to protect the technology used by Australian Defence Forces. Matt introduced students to the concepts of cyber security and provided realistic situations of cyber-attack. Students were then taken to see an example of anti-cyber-attack software. Students were also shown a demonstration of Opsys training software which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall, students enjoyed both tours as they provided genuine insights to the area of information technology and cyber security.
  • AuthorJoy Chanda
  • Date24-May-19
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