Sprout Cooking School Excursion
SACE Stage 2 Nutrition
Sprout Cooking School Excursion
Our SACE Stage 2 Nutrition class participated in a workshop about 'dietary requirements', hosted by Sprout Cooking School. As part of the workshop, students were involved in several activities where they were required to modify recipes for specific dietary requirements.

Over the last term and a half, Nutrition students have discussed how different dietary requirements require individuals to modify their diet. This may be due to medically diagnosed health conditions, religious dietary laws or personal preferences.

All students were given a recipe, 'Orecchiette with Brussel Sprouts and Rosemary Breadcrumbs', and were then required to apply some of their learning by modifying a recipe for specific dietary needs such as coeliac disorder, food allergies or intolerances and personal preferences including vegan. The meals were then cooked and enjoyed by all.
  • AuthorShannon Dobbin and Jo Pilgrim
  • Date30-May-19
  • CategoriesTerm2