Culture and Identity Day
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Culture and Identity Day
Culture and Identity Day is a Student Voice initiative designed to foster connection between students through the sharing of both culture and identity.

In the second year of this event, the day has fast become an important fixture on the student calendar. This year, the students from Student Voice created a full-day extravaganza, with four distinct events being held on the day: Festival of Foods, Thebby's Got Talent, Thebby Fashion Show and Cinema Night for Charities and Refugees.

Festival of Foods and Thebby's Got Talent were held for the second year, with Festival of Foods involving volunteer student chefs cooking a banquet of food for other lucky students who were drawn from a ballot. The student chefs not only designed and cooked a recipe from their culture, they also shared the story of their food and its connection to them with the students who were successful in the ballot.

Thebby's Got Talent allowed staff and students to show off a wide range of talents, ranging from performing cultural songs and pop hits, through to beatboxing and acrobatics. The Thebby Fashion Show, in its debut year this year, had huge participation from both students and staff. A dazzling array of cultural dress, cosplay and even a bridal section, garnered a huge and enthusiastic turnout from students.

To end the day, our first Cinema Night was well-attended, with the successful screening of three films back-to-back on a professional cinema screen. Student Voice fundraised for the screen, and also raised $900 in donations from students and staff, which will support our refugee communities and charities that are relevant to the college and our students.

Overall, this event was a great success. The memories that students will take away from such a day, along with the new connections and friendships built, is what will be remembered long after our students graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives.
  • AuthorJosh Basford
  • Date23-Sep-22
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