Refugee Week
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Refugee Week
During Refugee Week we celebrated the contributions of refugees to Australian society and culture. The aim of the week is to educate people about the challenges refugees face and to create better understanding between different communities.

Aye yi yi! The week's activities started with a latin, salsa and middle-eastern dance jam on Monday, with students and staff enjoying exotic music from around the world.

Tuesday's open mic poetry showcased an array of deep and moving poetry by staff and students. Thank you to Cynthia, James, Jelena and Daniel for sharing such personal stories.

Students 'got a kick out of' the Wednesday lunchtime soccer matches in the gym. Well played to all involved.

On Thursday at lunch time, students serenaded the college with ballads in their language. The selection of songs were deeply meaningful and heartfelt.

For many years our New Arrivals Program (NAP) has collaborated with the Migration Museum to run workshops for other school students during Refugee Week. This year our NAP students shared insights into their cultures and experiences as new arrivals as part of this program at the Migration Museum. The students from other schools were open and engaged, and all students benefited from this positive interaction.

Thank you to all staff and students who contributed to the week's activities. As a UN Global Peace school, we acknowledge the values of respect and intercultural understanding. We encourage this in our everyday practise, not just during Refugee Week
  • AuthorAbi Catchlove and Sandor Unger
  • Date26-Jun-19
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