International Day of Peace
Celebrating 10 years as a UN Global Peace School
International Day of Peace
Today, we commemorated International Day of Peace. And for Thebarton Senior College, this date marked 10 years since our college became a United Nations Global Peace School. The United Nations General Assembly designated 21 September as the International Day of Peace, a day of cease-fire and peace-building to be celebrated around the world. Our ceremony commenced with the raising of the United Nations flag and pledges for peace. We were then entertained with a musical performance by student Angelo Shwebeth and educated by the Stage 1 Humanities class on the Sustainable Development Goals. We were then privileged to have the college blessed by our Cambodian monks. Finally, student Claudine Kwizera concluded proceedings with a beautiful rendition of the song "You Raise Me Up" and students and staff then tied ribbons of peace to our sculpture to symbolise peace around the world, a goal that we must never give up on, a goal that we must always strive for.
  • AuthorPhil Davies
  • Date21-Sep-17
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