New Arrivals Program Science
National Science Week
New Arrivals Program Science
The National Science Week (13-21 August) celebrations have returned to our college this year with renewed rigour and creativity! The theme for this year is 'GLASS: More Than Meets the Eye'.

On Wednesday the NAP (New Arrivals Program) students showcased a variety of fun activities, including Science Poetry recitals, quizzes on the amazing properties of glass and their various applications. They also had an array of glass items on display from magnifying glasses, beakers, jars, frosted glass, solar panels, kaleidoscopes and telescopes. They explored the properties of more than ten types of glass, compared the advantages and disadvantages and explained them to the college community.

The NAP students engaged with the audience while explaining and experimenting with the highly technical language of the scientific world. By developing their oral language, they greatly improved their Science literacy.

Special commendation and congratulations to the presenters Sissy, Kenichi and Hadi from NAP 325 and 326 classes for their absolute passion for being Science Educators! They promoted the scientific principles through the wonderful recitation of 'Science Rhymes' poems.

A huge thank you to the Thebarton community for participating in these activities and supporting the NAP students in their exciting and challenging learning journey in Australia.
  • AuthorNAP Science Team
  • Date18-Aug-22
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