On Wednesday 31 July, a selection of Peace Studies students attended the Generation of Change workshop for Anti-Racism at the Marion Cultural Centre. Workshopping with five other schools of mixed year levels, the program offered fun interactive icebreakers, serious discussions about discrimination, learning how to accept people who are different to us, drama 'improv' where students jumped into the scene to take a stand when they witnessed racism in many forms and heartfelt experiences from victims of racism in Australia.

"My favourite activity during the day was when we first witnessed the ActNow Theatre performers. They acted out a scene of racism occurring. Students had the opportunity to interrupt the drama performance shouting, "STOP!". They could then enter the stage scene as a character of their choice and act out an appropriate way of responding to witnessing racism. It was really empowering!" Ahmad

"To be honest, it makes me feel sad when people say something that is racist and then go on to simply say "It's only a joke!". We CAN make a difference as a bystander!" Nyok

"I think every student should participate in this program. It has a strong message. I also got to share my song Reconciliation. I dedicated this song to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because we should reconcile. We CAN live in peace!" James
  • AuthorSandor Unger
  • Date09-Aug-19
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