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Live Action Roleplay at TSC
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Recently, the Pop Culture Studies class - with a little help from some Creative Arts Drama students - ran a LARP event for staff and students. LARP, or Live Action Roleplay, is like a combination of improvisational theatre, murder mysteries and a tabletop roleplaying game where you play a role, make decisions and move around in character. Some LARPs include simulated combat with foam or latex weapons.

Initially, the class was going to attend a local LARP event, but COVID-19 meant all of the local LARPs weren't running. We put the idea on the 'back-burner' and then when the restrictions were lifted to allow groups of ten we revisited the idea. The class decided that we would run our own LARP event - a "come and try" style day for four small groups of players here on campus. The class went about promoting and planning for the day - coming up with a plot-line, preparing the props and costumes we would need, and writing up backgrounds for their characters.

In the end, we had one group of players organised to come and on the Sunday of the event, only two of those players remembered to come. Teacher Baart and his daughter were our erstwhile adventurers for the afternoon!

Having a four-year-old take the lead in the adventure we had planned meant we had to be a little bit flexible with our plot and the students had a great time playing their part - especially the group of bandits beaten up by a four-year-old!

In the end, the adventurers were successful. Secret messages were decoded, bandits defeated, spell ingredients collected and the big, bad monster was defeated and made little Eva's pet. She gave us a four-star review and everyone had a good introduction to LARP.

Now, a special offer! The first person (not affiliated with the Pop Culture Studies class) who correctly decodes the secret recipe in the article images, and emails me the text will win a box of chocolates! Send your answers here: matthew.paxton@thebartonsc.sa.edu.au.

Good luck everyone!
  • AuthorMatt Paxton
  • Date06-Aug-20
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