SACE Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science Field Trip
Robe and South East, South Australia
SACE Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science Field Trip
In week 6 of term 3, students studying Earth and Environmental Science went to Robe (and surrounding areas) for a four-day field trip. The weather ended up being lovely (despite forecasts of rain) and it was a fantastic opportunity to see the earth's spheres interacting in-situ (in place), while completing two assessment tasks.

For our first assessment task, we participated in a customised tour of three caves in the Naracoorte Caves area in our quest to discuss and observe effects of our past climate changes. We started in the Alexandra Cave, discussing scientific techniques used by palaeontologists, geologists and physicists for dating sediments. We then went into Blanche to have a look at a working pit where paleo-ecologists were currently investigating fossils that were approximately 75,000 years old. We then visited the Victoria Cave and the amazing fossil beds that are 300-250,000 years old.

All of these fossils and sediments explain the environments that have occurred during the previous glacial and interglacial periods and act as a warning for the types and scale of species loss we can experience as we head out of our last glacier and into our increasingly hotter temperatures. We were also very lucky to be able to see the importance of communication and collaboration in this area as different science fields are able to offer different perspectives and understandings to a very current issue.

Our second assessment task focused on our practical skills and was centred around the Outlet in Robe and gave students the opportunity to investigate the effects the ocean has on the freshwater in the estuary as it comes into the area from further inland. To do this investigation, students could select from a range of Vernier probes and then design and conduct their own experiment as we walked along the estuary?s shore.

It was a great four days where the students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to study in the field. They are now looking forward to continuing their Earth System Study in the River Torrens.
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  • Date04-Sep-19
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