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Helping Hands
During term 1, students in New Arrivals Program (NAP) Science class 323 were part of the 'Helping Hands' project through the Origin Energy Foundation. The students, with help from volunteers from the Foundation, built prosthetic hands for amputee victims in developing countries who would otherwise not be able to afford one. They also designed a pouch for the prosthetic hand to be stored in and wrote a message to the person receiving the hand. This project connected STEM knowledge and skills with the application of our college values through service to the community.

The students were challenged at many levels, especially in communicating with external partners and media, which they really enjoyed and also improved their confidence. This was also their first encounter with a Science as a Human Endeavour task (SHE)/STEM project at the college which deepened their knowledge of humanitarian engineering, the application of STEM skills and the importance of Science as a Human Endeavour in problem-solving and development of technology with a real-world application.

It was a very empowering program for the students involved, and they felt that they had become young ambassadors of peace, that they have a greater responsibility as privileged individuals, and also developed their intercultural understanding and global citizenship as part of a UN Global Peace School.

Students were amazed at how such a small project could have such a huge impact on others. Some testimonials from students are shared below:

"Being part of this project is really a precious moment of my life ... our volunteering can boost up those people's hope to live a better life who are lost in their dark side of their lives."

"As a person who has seen people who lost a part of their body and know the feeling of those people, encourages me to give a helping hand to the community. It might seem a little thing to me or us but for the amputee victims that gives them a light in their world."
  • AuthorNAP STEM Team
  • Date13-Apr-22
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