Thebarton Senior College means a lot to me. At my pervious school I found I was stuck in a system where the only goal was high grades and the regurgitation of information. I struggled to find a place where I fit into the dynamic of that school.

I have dyslexia, and I was told from a young age that the likelihood of me succeeding within an academic environment was slim. The support I got at my old school was minimal, which led to me thinking that my grades were a reflection of my efforts, and all that I was capable of was passing.

I love to act, and it was one subject that I thrived at in my last school. This led me to believe that I would potentially only be able to do this within my future. Thebarton staff proved me wrong.

At Thebarton, I have received the most support I have ever had within my education. In year 11, I picked subjects that I thought suited my capabilities: Essential Maths, Essential English, Drama and so on. Throughout that year I thrived. I got all As, excluding Maths - but that's just typical of my dyslexia. That year I learnt a lot about myself.

I learnt that my parents weren't lying. The world was my oyster, and I could do whatever I wanted to if I was given the right resources. I may be dyslexic, but I am far from unintelligent.

For year 12, I decided that I wanted to push myself to see my capabilities. I chose English Literary Studies, Psychology, Drama, and Society and Culture. This has been a tough year for me, but my teachers made the transition so much easier.

Now, thanks to the support that the teachers at Thebarton have given me, I have decided I want to become a Clinical Psychologist. I never in my wildest dreams thought that was the direction my life would lead - it turns out I am smart!

Thebarton's focus is not on the lengths of your skirts or if your hair isn't tied up. The staff care about how you progress through school, to teach you ways to approach your future. You can make your own decisions about how you progress. You are free to express yourself, have opinions and be treated like an adult. You aren't forced down a pathway with limited subject options to make the school look good. They give you a vast variety of options so you can find what suits you; not the other way around.

I though my transition here in year 11 would be difficult. I thought that I only had two years of high school left, why bother with looking elsewhere. I am so glad that I did and I am so thankful that my parents supported me along the way.

Parents, if you want your child to thrive in an environment that will not only teach your child to the best of their abilities, but guide them to make decisions about their future so that they can one day be a strong, independent human being, fully aware of the world around them, then this is the perfect place for them.
  • AuthorCharlotte
  • Date14-Sep-21
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