Shaping Peace Together
As a UN Global Peace School, on Monday 21 September we celebrated International Day of Peace. At recess time we unveiled our Peace Pole in the rose garden. This will serve as a reminder throughout the year of our commitment and wish for peace to be on earth, as outlined in eight different languages. Students also shared beautiful peace quotes and added their peace doves to the bunting display. This informal ceremony concluded with the College Band entertaining us with "I'll Be There".

After a wonderful start to the day, we continued our celebrations with a 12.00 pm ceremony to a small live audience and livestreamed to the rest of the college (to cater for COVID restrictions). The Drumming Club brought their energy to commence the ceremony while Mickey O?Brien conducted a meaningful Welcome to Country with creative props and insights.

After our minute's silence, five Peace Studies students shared a beautiful Lao Tzu poem, which suggests global peace starting within our hearts first. Hip-hop artist, DyspOra concluded our ceremony with a spirited performance.

Once again, the day's events were a collective effort and demonstrated the peace focus we share between colleagues and students at Thebarton Senior College.
  • AuthorAbi Catchlove
  • Date23-Sep-20
  • CategoriesTerm3