Social Actions - Stage 1 Health
Managing Stress
Social Actions - Stage 1 Health
As part of our group task for Stage 1 Health, we organised a presentation for students about managing stress. The purpose of our presentation was to create awareness about the causes of stress and how students can manage their stress.

'Stress' means different things to different people. What causes stress in one person may be of little concern to another. However, Mission Australia (2018) identified stress as the most common health issue affecting young people.

Evan Sierros, a counsellor at the college, was our guest speaker. He presented some tips to students to help them manage stress. These included:

- getting enough sleep
- eating well
- exercising

Evan reminded us about why these are important. He also said that if we needed more support with our stress, we could see a counsellor at the college.

Overall, our presentation was successful and we hope that students benefited from our activity.
  • AuthorKamela Shafaie and Thierry Bisimwa (Stage 1 students)
  • Date27-May-19
  • CategoriesTerm2