NAP Life Skills - Burns Safety
Guest speakers from the Julian Burton Burns Trust
NAP Life Skills - Burns Safety
On Friday 2nd of March, two guest speakers, Bethany who is an educator, and Anton a burns survivor and volunteer from the Julian Burton Burns Trust, came to the City Campus to give a presentation to NAP graduating students about burns safety. The Julian Burton Burns trust was founded by South Australian footballer Julian Burton, who was burnt in the 2002 Bali bombing.

Bethany introduced different types of burns, and she shared some statistics about burns in Australia. She talked about how to prevent a burn, and gave important tips related to burns safety. After this, Anton shared his personal story about how he survived a horrific accident. His work was to remove asbestos and vinyl from buildings, and on one of his working days, a tragic accident happened. He was severely burnt, so he was admitted to hospital. He was in a coma for eight weeks, and had several operations to treat his burns. He said if he hadn't had the support of his family, he would have died. He considers himself lucky to be alive.

After this, Bethany spoke again and talked about important first aid information and gave us information packs. This presentation really helped me to understand burns safety.

Written by Aiysha
New Arrivals Program (NAP) graduating student
  • AuthorAnthony Clayton
  • Date12-Mar-18
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