Rubik's Cube Championship 2018
Pythagorean Club
Rubik's Cube Championship 2018
Another year, another Rubik's Cube Championship! Conducted by the Pythagorean Club for the fifth year so far, it highlighted the ever-improving skillset of our wonderful students who have developed into highly competitive and skilled players.

When the starting call was announced, all was silent except for the clattering of cubes being solved at the speed of light. Before long, the crowd caught up to the quick finger movements of the players, based on the mesmerising algorithms, and began cheering, choosing favourites and supported by the commentary of Principal, Eva Kannis-Torry.

At exactly 1 minute 6 seconds, the champion was declared as Rehmatullah with his swift moves! Close on his heels was the first runner up, Karen with a compelling win of 1 minute 14 seconds, narrowly followed by the second runner up Zeynab at 1 minute 16 seconds.

Congratulations to all winners and contestants! It was especially interesting to see more and more females enter and excel at STEM activities such as Rubik's cube solving. Despite the pressure and distraction of a huge crowd, all of our participants demonstrated the perseverance, perspective and problem solving skills valued by the Pythagorean Club!

Eva Kannis- Torry (Principal), and Phil Davies (Assistant Principal-NAP) concluded the event with the awards ceremony. A huge thank you to the judges Eva and Keri Fisher (Assistant Principal-Curriculum), and time-keepers Andrew Herraman, Liz Surridge, Ben Usher and students, as well as videographer Simon Lambert, cheerleaders, Carol Shamsabadi, Lisa Ebisawa and Shadae Allen. Finally, a huge thank you again to the contestants and audience for making this event such an amazing opportunity to showcase Thebarton Senior College's core values of excellence, innovation, sustainability and respect.

The Pythagorean! = Perseverance + Perspective + Problem solving = Success!
  • AuthorMinxy Kannampuzha
  • Date05-Dec-18
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