IPAS Open Day
Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing
IPAS Open Day
On Thursday 8 August, twelve SACE Stage 2 students attended the IPAS (Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing) Open Evening at the University of Adelaide.

As part of the event, we were able to speak to researchers, PHD students and supervisors about cutting-edge research in the field of photonics. We also visited the labs to see the equipment and projects firsthand.

On the tour, we were also able to see how fibre optic cable is created (with a drawing tower) and the working of a 3D metal printer with real commercial applications. We toured individual projects such as spectrometry used to determine disease biomarkers in breath and quantum storage, and discussed the 'LIGO' project with students working on the global project to measure gravity waves produced when neutron stars collide.

The night was ended with an amazing networking opportunity where our students were able to continue conversations with the researchers and PHD students over pizza. This tour really opened our eyes to the scientific development happening right here in South Australia and showed students a wide range of career potentials in the field of physics!

We are looking forward to our next trip with Stage 2 Mathematical Methods and Physics students to visit the University of South Australia Photonics and Engineering Labs.
  • AuthorStefania Pulford
  • Date12-Aug-19
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