Mangahigh Rockstars of Maths Challenge Award Winners
New Arrivals Program Mathematics
Mangahigh Rockstars of Maths Challenge Award Winners
Students from four New Arrivals Program Mathematics classes participated in the Mangahigh Rockstars of Maths Challenge during term 3. Their task was to complete mathematics challenges over the course of ten days. Students received points based on the time and accuracy in which they completed each challenge. Students who scored over 100 points received a certificate and students who scored over 150 points were awarded a gold medal. These students had to achieve the equivalent of gold rank in over 50 challenges to receive this award, which was a very significant feat.

We congratulate the following students on their amazing dedication and commitment to their studies:

Gold Medal: Mir, Sakina, Zahra, Momina, Basit, Qinwen, Talib, Shakiba, Leema, Muhammad

Certificate: Habibullah, Bhagi
  • AuthorMatt Stevens
  • Date20-Sep-18
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