Be Brave. Make Change.
On Friday 27 May, staff and students joined in the launch of National Reconciliation Week 2022, and we all came together ready to Be Brave and Make Change.

Our activities started with an educational workshop presented by Ngunnawal artist and culture instructor Kristal Matthews. Kristal helped our teachers and students to reflect on our shared histories, cultures and achievements and explored how we can join the national reconciliation journey to build on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the wider community.

During lunch time, Kristal engaged our students and teachers in a creative artwork by painting a kangaroo sculpture. The artwork reflects our connection and mutual obligation to one another, community and Country.

The artwork includes the following elements:

- The meeting place in the middle and people sitting around it represents students and teachers at Thebarton Senior College being brave and coming together to yarn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, listening and learning as we take positive steps together towards reconciliation and making change.

- The travelling line from the group to the kangaroo mouth represents what they will take away from what is taught, then, sharing that as they inspire others with their voices.

- The legs and body have the bold themed colours to symbolise standing strong and being brave to strengthen relationships and stand up for what's important, uplifting each other and future generations.

Our Library has also supported Reconciliation Week with badge-making activities. Students added to the badge template by decorating the kangaroo using patterns and themes that represent their culture. Students were also invited to reflect on how change begins with brave actions in daily life - where they live, work, and socialise. Students wrote about the way they plan to make a change as an ongoing action.

Our students and teachers learnt that through commonality and difference, we have the ability to come together and achieve real change in our personal lives, our school, and the wider community.
  • AuthorHamdi Fdhila
  • Date01-Jun-22
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