Excursion to Lot Fourteen
SACE Stage 1 Coding and Digital Technology
Excursion to Lot Fourteen
On Friday 17 September, students from SACE Stage 1 Coding and Digital Technology classes visited Lot Fourteen on North Terrace. Lot Fourteen is a hub for many different government initiatives including innovation, entrepreneurship, education, culture and tourism. It has become the global face for South Australia's innovation network with many partners, including small business and global tech companies. The excursion had four phases:

Phase I: Overview of the development process and future direction of Lot Fourteen. This provided information on industry partners, funding model, events and facilities available at the site as well as planned future developments.

Phase II: All students were invited into the Australian Cybersecurity Collaboration Centre where they were given an overview of the working, projects and training opportunities available at this centre. This presentation also provided some brief information on the Cyber Readiness Program focussed on future training needs in this industry. For further information, please see https://lotfourteen.com.au/about-lot-fourteen/precinct-strategic-partners/australian-cyber-collaboration-centre.

Phase III: This part of the visit was to the Australian Space Discovery Centre, which was very impressive with many interactive activities tried and enjoyed by the students. This also included a talk about future job opportunities and information on the Saber Astronautics Responsive Space Operations Centre which operates out of Lot Fourteen. For further information, please see https://saberastro.com/pr/2021-03-31_official-opening.

Phase IV: The last part of the excursion was a 'career' expo in which many tech companies and educational institutions participated, including Opsys, TAFE SA, Accenture and more. This provided information on a range of topics including courses, graduate opportunities, traineeships, future careers, and student pathways information. For further information, please see https://studentpathways.sa.edu.au/.

Overall, this excursion was very productive and interesting for students and staff, as it provided much needed information on career pathways in Engineering, Cybersecurity and Digital Technology as well as the chance to see the opportunities becoming available in South Australia.
  • AuthorJoy Chanda and Sybille Wolff
  • Date17-Sep-21
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