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Speed Careering
On the 8th of May, 35 of our students participated in a Speed Careering event at the college supported by the Beacon Foundation. Speed Careering introduces students to local business people who are successful in their career. The activity provided our students with the opportunity to hear first-hand what a range of jobs are like, what the roles and workplace expectations are, and also gave them the opportunity to ask questions to help them make informed decisions about their future.

Thank you to the Beacon Foundation, their partners and local business mentors for giving their time to share their experience and wisdom with our students.

After participating in the session, our students felt more motivated and work ready, and were more aware of what employers were looking for. The teachers involved thought the session was valuable and provided students with the opportunity to better align their education with the needs of the changing world of work.

All volunteer business mentors indicated they found the activity valuable in educating young people about the changing world of work. They also believed it was a great opportunity to provide information about the skills young people need to be successful in the workplace.
  • AuthorToni Andrew
  • Date31-May-18
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