Tangrams to Cryptograms! Thinking Outside the Square!
The Pythagorean Club
Tangrams to Cryptograms! Thinking Outside the Square!
Pythagorean Club is a fun, fascinating and informative club for problem solving. Students enjoy solving many kinds of puzzles, such as Rubik's cubes, spatial awareness logic puzzles, mathematical and language puzzles, which help them to think outside the square and educate them to face challenges in daily life. What's more, students develop their communication and collaboration skills as they problem-solve together.

In reflections on their experiences in the Pythagorean Club, members have commented how helpful it has been in developing their confidence and speaking skills. Rehmat, for example says that as a result, "Now I help the club members being a mentor, which gives me lots of satisfaction." Others have mentioned the sense of excitement and achievement that comes from thinking deeply to overcome challenges and help others. Mehdi: "I didn't know that I had good problem-solving skills until I joined the club." John: "I'm really excited to share my skills and now I'm teaching others!" Shikofa: "I feel happy when I help others to think deeply."

In Term 2 we also benefited enormously from the contribution of student teacher, Sam Ferguson, whose wonderfully clear, calm tutoring helped set several students on the road to mastery of the Rubik's cube and who also developed a fun collaborative activity that introduced students to cryptograms.

In sum, the Pythagoreans have made new friends and developed problem-solving skills through teamwork, so we strongly encourage others to join us and have fun!

The Pythagorean = Persistence + Perspective + Problem- solving = Success!
  • AuthorMinxy Kannampuzha & Lisa Ebisawa
  • Date03-Jun-19
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