Reconciliation Week Painting
Be Brave. Make Change.
Reconciliation Week Painting
The theme for National Reconciliation Week (Be Brave. Make Change.) provided the perfect backdrop for a creative painting workshop. Our students and staff were lucky enough to work with Aboriginal artist and cultural educator Kristal Matthews, painting a kangaroo metal sculpture.

Our students have done a fantastic job using dot painting, colours, patterns and symbols. The result is a beautiful kangaroo that is now on display in our school garden. We hope that this artwork will serve as a reminder for all those who come across it to take the time to stop and reflect on the significance of reconciliation.

The artwork includes the following elements:

- The meeting place in the middle and people sitting around it represents students and teachers at Thebarton Senior College being brave and coming together to yarn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, listening and learning as we take positive steps together towards reconciliation and making change.

- The travelling line from the group to the kangaroo mouth represents what they will take away from what is taught, then sharing that as they inspire others with their voices.

- The legs and body have the bold themed colours to symbolise standing strong and being brave to strengthen relationships and stand up for what's important, uplifting each other and future generations.

We would also like to thank Srikanth Chintala, Managing Director of RIGHT Laser Cut Pty Ltd, for supporting this project by generously donating the kangaroo sculpture to our college.
  • AuthorHamdi Fdhila
  • Date04-Jul-22
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